empty chairs hold themselves still.
quiet gaps in conversation
wait without speaking to be noticed.
in any given moment,
lapsed circles hold together
by miracles of social integrity
when each moment they should
burst apart into glittering dust.
the moon perceives it.
(see? her mouth, a perfect o.)
how often have we carried on
in the midst of mourning? of loss?
what secret strengths
within the fragile heart
work progress through the nights?
what blood pumping onward?
how often have we parted
and found the long way back
to one another,
if only for the weekend?
these sightings stave off separation,
as if it will never happen.
and why not? some connections endure.
we meet our former selves
rising up in the mirror
each day before the sun,
as if to say, i knew you once
and i will not forget it.


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