my ears are ringing with
the silent spaces of november:
sounds which are not sounds
bind themselves to one another
in a chain not unlike a song.
it is almost like the song
of squirrels on the roof.
it is nearly the same as
the song of falling fruit.
it is practically no different
than the song of branches
tapping against one another,
groaning without words.
it is like the throb of my heart
when every bird is still
and i think of hibernation,
loneliness, and the coming snows.
it is like these, except the sounds
are not sounds at all but silences.
and this song is not a song,
only the echo of one i once knew.


4 thoughts on “losses

  1. this and soleminty are both beautiful in their slight bleakness, but im hoping you’ll have a few posts with a little more gold tones and farm sounds in a few weeks time!

  2. @Mez, i especially like the fact that for us, “farm sounds” means dishes in the sink and wind in the trees. can’t wait!
    @jackjericho, thanks for reading. i look forward to receiving more of your feedback in the future. 🙂
    @slpmartin: thanks, thanks. it’s a quiet time of year, but one in which i always tend to grow.

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