a break in the heat

thick cloud obscures
the mountain where we both stood
the time i sang for you

from every quarter
messages saying come home
i am saying show me how

you see how it is
every way is shut with vines
and no birds call out

i find old photographs
my mother’s walls are covered
with children who might have been me

rain at windowsills
coughs politely interrupts
invites me outside

indelicate this
wanton longing that wanders
without a slicker

soon i drip across the foyer
date palms dance beneath
the weather remembering me.


6 thoughts on “a break in the heat

  1. Absolutely loved the imagery here. Thematically very strong. Perhaps because my life has collapsed in a heap on a hard concrete floor, I found your poem quite powerful and very moving. You might like this, something I wrote when trying to get a better grip on things as they slip through my fingers:


    Anyhow thanks again for posting your poetry. I always enjoy your voice sounding above the cacophony. Good luck with your poetry!


  2. thanks for stopping my and taking the time to comment, crb. AND thanks for sharing that link. i’m on my way to your blog now. πŸ™‚

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