i am vomiting loam and sticks,
dead reminders of a past season
already well begun in their decay.
the slow lurch towards compost
began within myself, one may
suppose, began as a ripening
unimpeded, unpackaged, unbought.
and now, this. distasteful. rotten.
outside meanwhile the living larkspurs,
sweetgums, oaks, and tender maples
have begun to turn their best selves
outward, beautiful, unapologetic.
the impulse is the same; the contrast
could not be made more clear.
i am of the earth, i am of
the earth, i am of the earth.
and cannot fly. and cannot turn.


9 thoughts on “fell

  1. yes yes i did enjoy those words…not where they’re coming from, of course, but in and of themselves they are a bit darker and hopeless and there’s definitely a place for that. who knew earth could be so sad?
    but i count my blessings and lucky stars that we are not bound to earth.

  2. That was most excellent. Glad I bookmarked your site. One question – Do you think that the same beauty that is exploding from trees is also the mark of impending death & rebirth? Re-reading it under that light made the rest of the poem work very well. Keep writing, can’t wait to read more.

  3. what a happy collection of commenters — thanks, all. i have thoughts… but i’m in an airport and they want to check my travel documents (AGAIN). so i’ll share more from another time zone. love.

  4. @Mez: how well you know the “places” that wrods come from! it’s like there are different countries inside each of us that generate different thoughts… THAT sounds like material for another poem. 🙂

    @ange: thanks for reading. i was hugely blessed by your recent posts (on your old AND new blogs! hurrah for new blogs!)

    @Crbian: these days i’m mainly asking for strength to believe that death and rebirth are connected. this poem was born out of the tension i’ve been feeling between seeing only death within myself while the rest of the world is cycling through both. there’s a special grace to be had in witnessing that, if i can only grab hold of it. thanks for the thoughtful commentary!

    @Mystic: i am very disappointed in your stalking skills! is this really your first visit to my blog??? it must be the engagement that has your mind occupied elsewhere… 😉 and of course i’ll write you a poem.

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