at night

when you rise, it will be early.
be sure to open the blinds,
you won’t want to miss the dawn
as it creeps into your work.
you will be typing, perhaps.
immersed in the lake of attention
like grain offering in a new vessel.
but you have worked all night,
your dreams explore the darkness
while you rest. this conversation is
a part of those dreams, that work.
that is how we know that you will
rise without rising, making coffee
and starting to write without really
coming up for air. thus submerged,
you will need the first few beams
of morning to draw you out,
to rub your upper arms and peer
into your eyes and dry your hair
and place upon your tongue
the gift of breath, like a wafer,
breath after a long time underwater.


2 thoughts on “at night

  1. thank you – it was birthed by recent experiences for sure, but i hope the image holds more than its literal sense. šŸ™‚

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