again and again

these colder waters i must press through
much like the warmer ones before them,
much like the loose soil that came before that,
much like the hard earth that came before that.

each nod of approval or of forgiveness
was rehearsed a thousand times at school,
was rehearsed ten thousand times at home,
was rehearsed and rehearsed and is natural now.

each time we dance, the humming room hums
for all the men in all the shining leather shoes,
for all the history of songs and shoes and dancing,
for anyone with ears and feet. for us. she hums for us.

some dogs you know believe in reincarnation
and have seen it all before. they will let you know
by the sympathetic eyes and by the sidelong look
and by the bedside snuffling when i have gone away.


4 thoughts on “again and again

  1. I really do believe some dogs have human spirits. I really liked the structure of the first three stanzas. Shows how much of my life I’ve been regurgitating basic functions i’ve learned through imitation. Crazy…

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