the delivery man’s not getting any younger
but he’s got an outlook on life that allows for it —
the jaunty familiarity with an honest day’s sweat
and reverence for the old bluff about eternal vigor,
the knack of having an eye on the pocketbook
and a tender word for the wife at sundown.
he knows handbrakes and half-loads
and double-drive the routes, jim, and layoffs,
though lord knows we could use the extra man
but it can’t be helped, old boy, and could you rush
this through, jim? it’s a dog life, says everyone.
we think the world of him, always have. he’s
in our bedtime stories, our national fables,
our folklore and, most literally, in our shops,
among the shelves where men are most content.
he knows it, and we also know it. but nevermind.
there’s ice in his load today. daylight is burning.


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