i will never tire
of ducks flying in at dusk
splashing, wagging, still.

they sleep ’til dawn while
lakes heave up tow-ropes of cloud,
lashing down the sky.


4 thoughts on “fp1

  1. i don’t entirely know about the second one, either! i always did like the ducks, of course. but i also always liked the slow “steaming” of lakes and ponds and rivers. misting is probably a better word than steaming. so much happens on a lake, about most of which the ducks themselves couldn’t care less.

    heaving up tow-ropes of cloud — proof that the water cycle they taught us in school was really true! another reason i like that image, though perhaps this could be conveyed more artfully.

  2. yeah… i’m mostly of a mind to take the ducks and leave the steaming for another day. maybe a longer poem would capture the lake bit better.

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