for my sister

you, with your hair and your heels and
the way you laugh with all your teeth,
may soon discover that most of us
(for i am one of them now, i am
on the other side, looking back)
have a kind of sympathy for youth,
which directs our gazes first and
always to those things that are most
positive and most endearing.
i hope you do. i hope you find
that your most slap-dash efforts
are met with praise and warmth,
your best efforts met with joy.
one day the shine may wear thin:
may it not be so with you,
or if it must be, may the wealth
of these early years carry you
through any lean months, any
poverty of self that may befall you.
may all the good things now unfolding
bear you forward on a tide of foam
and crushed petals. fragrant. glowing.
may the forest of men in dark suits
who sit frowning by the city gates
find themselves rising to applaud you.
may the ones you love find themselves
often at your door, find you often at theirs.
may all of us who wish you well find
frequent ways to celebrate those parts
of you we always knew to be true.
these things have just begun.
congratulations! and hurrah!
and love, and love, and love.


2 thoughts on “for my sister

  1. this has to be one of the best. and not because its about me, but because of the feel of the poem, the whole “may you be blessed and prosper in the right things” feel. my pancakes may be burning, but i absolutely love this poem and may frame it and put it on my wall

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