the ride of winter
over the human spirit
stumbles, loses steam.


9 thoughts on “march

  1. you’re clever, human!
    but our tides of hope and age
    obey the slow sun,

    who frequently hides.
    but soon the bashful months will
    turn into summer.

    (thanks again for the
    comments, support, and reading!
    see you again soon.)

  2. sure thing, brian. your blog is always a pleasure. and yeah… i’m hoping the same thing about the spring!

  3. thanks, dhyan! i’m feeling the need for more precision in my writing, in general, so it’s good to hear that.

  4. thanks, dustus! funny how many things end with a stumble in life… i also tried to help the reader “stumble” a little bit by putting a hiccup-py comma in the middle of the last line. wasn’t sure if that worked or not.

    and mez, we’re so on the same page. it’s almost my favorite thing about each season: how it prepares me for the next. and winter DEFINITELY gets me ready for spring.

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