maybe this time the soft rhythms crackling
inside of my head, back where it’s dark,
can come out ungarbled, untangled.
hidden questions asked in silence have
always wound up garish in the light of day.
each reflection became an arrogant pantomime,
lisping forward, wheezingly, to frighten children.

but. this audience will perhaps be different.
a single petitioner waits outside and has waited
rather a long time, rather without agenda,
rather unafraid. and. i too am different now,
after all that love of loss and loss of love.
look: just do this. don’t overthink it.
expect nothing – less than nothing – and wait.


4 thoughts on “mixtape

  1. I read this with a back drop in my head of an old cassette. Hitting fast forward to listen to clips. Sometimes the back button. I think it might frighten adults more than children. We’ve forgotten all the possibilities.

  2. Jaymie: those old cassettes were the best, weren’t they? Back in the good old days when making a mix was hard work… Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

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