underneath the birds
runs a wire, holding them up,
pressing against time.

newton describes it:
equal, opposite actions
hold us together.

but when the pigeons
swarm away, what then? i think
of the wire and weep.


14 thoughts on “taut

  1. thanks, friend. i wonder if this little poem really does “hold together” or whether it’s too complex for its own good. i have a hatred of complexity for complexity’s sake, so i’m taking a second look…

    thanks for the feedback, tho! i’m thankful for your thoughts.

  2. @kseverny: i have to say, the idea’s not mine but it is a good one. i go back to haiku all the time — they really challenge me to say something concisely.

    @meg: thank you for the award! too kind. i’m glad the imagery worked for you.

  3. 1.) aw, pixar!

    2.) good call. i have a tough time telling the difference between simple and simplistic… i’ll bear that in mind. thanks!

  4. ok everybody! i finally decided i don’t like this one. it’s a “drawer poem.”

    my friend nick barker spoke about poems he had written just to get an idea down and had then placed in his desk drawer for years and years. maybe i’ll come back to this “drawer” later in life and find something here that i can revise.

    in the meantime, i really appreciate all of your comments, each and every one. keep reading! more importantly, keep writing. 🙂

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