there you are. hello. how is it?
each time i see the moon
i whisper some kind of greeting.
driving home tonight i see her:
a low, amber crescent, somehow
both beautiful and deeply sad.
we understand one another,
the moon and i, we have sometimes
been the new coin in a roomful
of collectors. we have made
men and women fall in love.
but we have also been the
last glimmer of beer in the glass:
almost all used up, nothing
left but smell and some wetness.
we both know it comes and goes,
the moon and i. nothing lasts,
except this old understanding.


16 thoughts on “waning

  1. so glad to hear it, sunshine. to tell the truth, last night i saw the moon and texted a friend: “go look at the moon!” but a text wasn’t enough, so i started to write down my thoughts… and voila. anyway, thanks for stopping by.

  2. hey jingle, i like the idea behind that link! i’ll be checking in for your lists of poetry blogs and hope a couple of my readers will do the same.

    (thanks too for the comment. glad to have the feedback.)

  3. wowwiiee..thats a lovely poem there…
    the moon always lures me there is always something magical, mystical n yet a serene calmness about the moon…
    well penned…

  4. moondust, i love that avatar. it’s a little different than the regular wordpress-generated ones. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for being a fellow moon-lover.

    mez: let’s drink beer and watch the moon sometime, k? tim can come too.

    meg: everyone commenting has a name that starts with M! i love it. thanks for stopping by and leaving a thought. you know, i think you captured why the moon is so captivating. magical and mystical always seem like things i desire for myself, so strongly that when i’m actually feeling magical and mystical, i get all excited. but the moon also has that calmness you mentioned. it’s like (to personify the moon again) she knows her qualities and doesn’t let them go to her head. self-possessed. comfortable in her own skin, as the french say.

  5. @ I.S.: brilliant and lonely: good word! hopefully some of the synergy generated by all of this poem-sharing will translate into even MORE and BETTER poems by all of us. i’m glad you stopped by and left your thoughts.

  6. thanks for stopping by, lastlady. i think you put your finger on something i often try to convey in my writing, especially dealing with parts of the natural world. ๐Ÿ™‚

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