if i had not been
so scared, so sad, so spiteful,
i would have asked you.


9 thoughts on “amiss

  1. lol bobs! as your sister i am reading into this. was there a potential date? perhaps a friend who inspired this haiku by not asking out someone they wanted to?

  2. bwahahaha. no, no… it’s totally a phone conversation explanation.

    but on the poem level, i was wondering if scared/sad/spiteful times were a universal idea, something that leads lots of people to miss an opportunity. it would be better if i turned this into a more concrete image, actually. a little more metaphor and a little less autobiography.

    but that’s my deal lately: post everything, shoot for one new poem every day, even if it’s bad. i’m at — what? five days in a row now? six? it’s helpful to me, even if the work that comes out still needs a little something extra.

  3. thanks, brian. i do like a bit of tension now and then. gives life a bit of energy, doesn’t it?

    and shakira: i’m with you on the wonderment. thanks for the comment!

  4. thanks, friend. i guess “not asking” is a theme everybody relates to. sure seems to come up a lot for me. thanks for chiming in!

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