i am still lean and independent, with a nice face

see them? those people are like sandbag animals
(or sawdust or gravel, i don’t exactly know),
playthings that eventually lost their certain shapes
and physical integrity from being handled roughly.
they were made from leftover materials, never
pretending to have been anything other than that.
what’s more, they weren’t ever concerned with into
whose hands they were placing themselves, every time.
aging, for them, was more a question of looking
more and more like pillows found in cheap motels
than of gaining any wisdom, austerity, respect, honor.
but now i recognize that this was a gift they gave
one another. i only wish i had seen it sooner; i wish
someone had shown me how happy they would be.


4 thoughts on “i am still lean and independent, with a nice face

  1. good to hear from you, mez. keep on remembering and valuing, eh? one day we’ll all be old and lumpy, but hopefully happy still.

  2. thanks, cadacio! tone is pretty important for me when i read other people’s poems, but when it comes to my own work i always struggle to get it right. i’m glad you liked it.

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