the judgment of the gods falls softly,
everywhere piling into drifts. wrath
heaps into gentle measures around
the trunks of trees, lightposts, any
permanent fixtures. only cars are safe,
so long as they keep moving – animals too,
and women, children, men. thankfully
the view is not only beautiful; it is also
cold and speeds our movements through
the gusts of separation, exile, doom,
towards the sullen warmth of make-shift homes.
how long has it been for us, since that
brilliant autumn day when first we turned
our brazen face away from the governance
of heaven? a week? a year? (without the sun,
i find it difficult to say, and turn instead
to rings around my conscience and crows feet
at the edges of my eyes, my best secret metrics.)
how long since we first asked how long?
and when will the weather change? and when
(oh when) will Christmas come again?


2 thoughts on “polarization

  1. good word, heidi h. and thanks for the affirmation; this one took a little reflection and i’m still not satisfied with it… but it’s officially “on the books,” as it were, so i’m opposed to changing it any further.

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