it’s been some time now

it had seemed once, looking over the bridge,
naming the clouds, that growing up would mean
leaving behind the acne and the cowlicks. both
stayed. and so much else stuck around, including
the excitement of empty suitcases, the quick glance
around the bedroom after turning off the light,
the loud music when no one else is home,
the whimsy, the anxiety over any separation,
the touching of my hair when i grow tired.
i had heard, somewhere, the rumor of childhood
giving way to adulthood, adulthood meaning
wisdom, influence, a place within the inner ring:
a stability and depth worth more than fancies.
either that rumor was a lie or i have been saved,
as from deep waters to a warm shore, the foibles
of my youth intact, the stretchings of my soul
still reaching for the moon, the wind, the sea.


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