a delicate wind,
something unexpected stirs
and bends the grasses.


4 thoughts on “restlessness

  1. i bet the pirated copy is just as good, eh? i’ll look for it while i’m on holiday with the fam. thanks for the recommendation!

    (there’s some connection to this haiku? how mysterious!)

  2. well, i can see how traveling would be stirring.

    but when i think about traveling, i think about the expected sway of things: my backpack, the pages of my book, the beverage carts, the shifting of my weight from foot to foot in the customs lines. it’s a kind of marking time that is totally boring but somehow soothing as well.

    this little haiku was more like the feeling that creeps up on my sometimes that something important is happening. i can see/feel its influence but cannot see the thing itself. that’s always a surprising feeling, unlike the regular travel stuff. it only comes when i’ve been thinking i have everything under control and well-mapped-out already.

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